Product Designer at Quora


Role: Founder, manager of 18 students

Date: 2012-2015

Project: Confidential online research for sharing fun or personal stories.


During my sophomore year, I founded Tufts Confessions, the first confessions page in the Boston area. Tufts Confessions offers the Tufts community an online confidential resource. 

The page was featured in the Tufts Daily, Inside Higher Ed, BostInno, HerCampus Tufts, and even the Tufts Admissions website. So far, Confessions has peaked at 17,000+ unique viewers a day, 2,200+ interactive users from around the world and 2,600+ subscribers.

How it works: 
After submitting a completely anonymous confession, the confession is displayed on the web page for all to see or comment on. Some students have hilarious confessions about what they did last weekend, while others have more serious confessions, such as sexual assault, depression, eating disorders or loneliness. I was very pleased to see the overwhelming support for the students suffering from these issues.

Read my interview here!

Read my interview here!

I led an 18-student team to comb through each confession submitted, to make sure no confessions get posted that insult another student. Many students posted comments to these confessions offering help or support, while others went as far to make an email account for anyone who needed help. Others offered many resources for those struggling with sexual assault or mood disorders.

In the following weeks, we received many confessions from students stating that they had previously struggled with these issues, but after seeing the support from their fellow Jumbos, they were confident enough to seek professional help. Maybe Tufts Confessions supplies hearty laughs to thousands of people each day, but providing students with the courage to seek help when they need it is by far its greatest gift.