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Design in Denmark


While studying in Copenhagen, Denmark for a semester, I was asked to solve a problem: Danish students often feel overwhelmed and unprepared when studying abroad in the United States. See below for a video demonstration of the experience we designed to solve this problem.

Two others and I decided to design a mobile and web application to help Danish students interested in studying in America. The application planned to help Danish students prepare for their life in the United States.


After meeting with many Danes, we found a common theme of feeling out of place, unprepared and misinformed in the US. From there we began brainstorming solutions. We began with individual brainstorms, as brainstorming by oneself has shown to decrease effects of fixation. We then met for a collaborative brainstorm where we combined our individual ideas.



After our brainstorming session we allowed for an incubation period where we underwent the unconscious reorganization of ideas.


At the end of the process, we had decided to make a web and mobile based application to help acclimate Danish students before and during their travels to the US.