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Role: Only designer, led product strategy

Date: 2015

Project: Social scheduling app, a college classic.

We received venture funding, won some awards and were featured in a few news articles, and one writer awkwardly thought we might be the next Facebook. We have since deprecated it and pulled it from the app stores, likely because we all got real jobs, but it was still a super fun project.


what is downtyme? 


Downtyme intelligently recommends friends that users can hangout with based on their schedule, proximity and relationship. Users can then instantly set up a plan to see one or more friends. You can download our app on Google Play and the App Store.

 Our team is entirely students, and we work closely together to build a product that we love. I work closely with front end developers to design visuals and interactions for Downtyme. 



Though the app can sync with users' calendars, they're still able to manually choose a time to see friends. We want friends to be able to see each other as quickly as possible, so I focused on a fast and easy design for the time picker:


Our time picker design was featured on uiGIFS, showcasing unique and intuitive interactions. 

Plans List


The app features a central location for the users' plans. We wanted this design to easily differentiate plans that the user makes from plans the user is invited to. I started with the wireframe and developed that into a prototype, but I realized I wanted a design that retained this visual hierarchy but was a little more interesting. From there, I shifted the design to the final iterations that were ultimately used in the final app.




The message drawer, accessible from every screen, allows users to message members of specific plans. Each plan has a message thread associated with it.

A color for every day of the week

In Downtyme, every day of the week has a color associated with it, so every day when a user opens the app, the main colors of the app changes. In the images below you can see Tuesday Blue on the left and Wednesday Orange on the right. Above, you can see the Messages screen in Sunday Green and the Plans and Timepicker screens in Monday Red!




Most recently, we were featured in The Boston Globe, won first place and $20,000 in services from the MIT Enterprise Forum inter-collegiate tech startup competition, and received funding from Rough Draft Ventures. We were also featured in Business Insider's 21 Tech Products That Teens Love, alongside other popular apps such as Spotify, Instagram, Yik Yak and Timehop. We were also featured in Gizmodo's The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone Apps, among other articles.


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