Product Designer at Quora

Red Hat

Role: Design intern, worked closely with many senior designers.

Date: 2013

Project: Pattern library for open source Fedora developers. Check it out at


I interned on the User Experience team at Red Hat in Westford, MA during Summer 2013. I worked with other UX designers and engineers to create a common user experience across all of Red Hat’s various products.


This initiative purported to solve the problem of a user who may be satisfied with a Red Hat product but hesitant to adopt another Red Hat product due to differences between the two product interfaces. The initiative aimed to ease this cross-product transition and, in turn, promote the use of multiple Red Hat products.


I also designed and implemented a website to showcase the initiative, Because Red Hat relies on voluntary open source contributions, it is no simple task to overhaul each product interface. PatternFly not only incorporated standard design and interaction principles, but also focused on successfully encouraging voluntary developers to integrate a newly developed user interface.


Throughout this internship, I communicated frequently with designers and developers, became familiar with important interaction principles and components, and further polished my CSS3 and HTML5 skills.


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